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  1. Watch videos (placed below) and make summaries.
  1. Answer the questions.

  1. What has Buckingham Place been used for?

  2. When was it built?

  3. How many generations of British monarchs has it been the official residence of?

  4. What is its balcony famous for?

  5. What Rooms are used regularly by the Queen and members of the Royal Family for official and State entertaining?

  6. What Room is used by the Queen for State Banquets?

  7. What time does the ceremony of Changing of the Guard take place?

  8. What is the history of Garden Parties?

  9. What Room serves as a Royal reception room for the Queen and members of the Royal Family to gather before State and official occasions?

  10. What is the Throne Room used for?

3. Fill in the prepositions or conjunctions.

Before the Ballroom was added … the Palace in the 1850s, the first State Ball was held in the Blue Drawing Room in May 1838 … part of the celebrations leading up to Queen Victoria's Coronation. The Blue Drawing Room boasts thirty Corinthian columns painted … resemble onyx. The room derives its name … its turquoise flock wallpaper and blue satin furnishings. A large State Portrait of the Queen's grandfather, George V is … display in the room. The Blue Drawing Room was originally known … the South Drawing Room. Today it is used … guests who gather here before large luncheon parties and grand State and diplomatic occasions.

4. Read and learn the dialogue by heart. Make up your own dialogue.
A: Oh! At last we can see Buckingham Palace. I’d like to tell you that I’m tired today. I want to sit down somewhere.
B: Sit down? Where? Don’t you remember why we’ve come here?
A: Yes, of course. Soon we’ll see the Changing Ceremony.
B: Today is the day off. I think there will be a huge crowd of people here. Let’s come up closer to the monument.
A: OK. It’s interesting to know if the Queen is in the palace.
B: Have a look at the roof of the building. Can you see the Royal Standard?
A: No, I can’t. It means that she is out, doesn’t it?
B: Yes, you are right. When the Queen is in residence the Royal Standard flies at the palace’s masthead.
A: I see. How many rooms does the Queen occupy?
B: As far as I remember, 12 rooms on the first floor.
A: Where do they face?
B: They overlook the Mall. Am I right? You want to see the Queen.
A: Yes, of course, it’s my dream.
B: Don’t expect it. I’ve watched the news: today she is in Windsor.
A: What a pity!