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  1. Watch videos (placed below) and make summaries.
  1. Answer the questions.

  1. When and with what aim was the Tower of London built?

  2. What has t served as?

  3. What is the Tower now?

  4. How did the Tower happen to be preserved for about a hundred years?

  5. What do you think about the knowledge and skills of English people of that time?

  6. What can you say about the attitude of British people to their historic past?

  7. Why is one of the Towers called Bloody?

  8. Which Tower is the oldest?

  9. Why were people locked in the Tower?

  10. Who was responsible for looking after the prisoners?
  11. Why are the ravens of the Tower of London paid so much attention to?
  12. What do the Crown Jewels include?
  13. What Crown Jewels are used in coronation process?
  14. Were the Crown Jewels ever stolen?

3. Fill in the prepositions or conjunctions.

The Imperial Crown of State contains the principal surviving historic jewels, … were recovered … the time of the Restoration. These include Edward the Confessor's sapphire, which is set in a Maltese cross … the top of the crown. This sapphire was once part of a ring owned … Edward the Confessor, which was buried … him in 1066. In 1101, … his shrine was opened and the ring removed, the sapphire was reset … a crown worn by Henry I.

4. Read and learn the dialogue by heart. Make up your own dialogue.

A: Denis, I know that you are going to visit London soon.

B: Yes, You are right. My cousin and I are going to leave Moscow for London next Friday.

A: You are lucky. What are you going to visit first?

B: I suppose, we’ll go to the Tower of London. In my opinion, we should start sightseeing with it.

A: Yes, I agree with you. It seems to me that it’s the heart of London and one of its symbols.

B: Yes, you are quite right. By the way, I want to see the Crown Jewels.

A: The Crown Jewels! Are you interested in jewels?

B: Oh! No, I’m not, but the Crown Jewels… Just a minute, I’ll try to explain to you why I want to see it.

A: Denis, I see, I’ve just remembered that you are going to write a historical novel.

B: Yes, I am, and I want to see the Crown Jewels with my own eyes. By the way, can you imagine that St. Edward’s Crown weighs nearly 2, 5 kg!

A: Really? It’s interesting to know when it was made.

B: As far as I remember, it was made for the Coronation of Charles II in 1661.

A: I see. Will you give me your novel to read?

B: Yes, of course.