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1. Watch videos (placed below) and make summaries.

2. Answer the questions.

  1. What is Westminster Abbey?
  2. Who governs it?
  3. Is it more beautiful inside or outside? Why?
  4. What parts does Westminster Abbey consist of?

  5. What ceremonies take place in it?
  6. Whose burials can be found in Westminster Abbey?
  7. What is called Poet's Corner there?
  8. Who designed the building of Westminster Abbey?
  9. Would you like to visit it? Why?
  10. What part of Westminster Abbey would you like to visit most?

3. Fill in the prepositions or conjunctions.

The last of the suite of rooms overlooking the gardens … the principal floor is the White Drawing Room. Originally called the North Drawing Room, it is perhaps the grandest … all the State Rooms. The Room also serves … a Royal reception room for The Queen and members of the Royal Family to gather … State and official occasions. The White Drawing Room is one of the most attractive rooms in the palace, decorated … white and gold. The upholstery is … gold. It has a concealed entrance, a huge mirror … a cabinet fixed to it, through … the royal family make their dramatic entrance.

4. Read and learn the dialogue by heart. Make up your own dialogue.

A: I’ve heard that you went to Britain in August.

B: Yes, I did. But I visited only London.

A: How many days did you stay there?

B: For a week. It was wonderful trip. I’ll remember it forever.

A: Did you take pictures?

B: Yes, of course, I did. And I bought a lot of books about London. Let’s go to my place and you’ll see.

A: OK. I’m not busy now. Only at 6 o’clock I hate to go my sports club.

B: Can you imagine that we visited Westminster Abbey and took part in the service?

A: In the service? Really?
B: Yes, we did. And I’ll show you a page with evening player.
A: Great! Did you play?

B: Yes, of course, we did. We came into Westminster Abbey and sat down on the bench near the High Altar. The priest came up and invited to follow him.
A: You followed and saw how the service was held, didn’t you?

B: We came into Henry Vll’s Chapel, sat down on the benches and the service started… Everybody had Bibles and we sang, real the Bible and player as Catholics.

A: Great! You are lucky!