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1. Watch video (placed below) and make a summary.
2. Answer the questions.

  1. Who designed St. Paul’s Cathedral?
  2. Was he a many-sided figure? Why?
  3. What other works by Christopher Wren do you know?
  4. What important services are held at St Paul's?
  5. Can people say that St. Paul’s Cathedral has eventful history? Why?
  6. What Galleries does the Dome consist of?
  7. What is the Whispering Gallery known for?
  8. What is the cathedral's foremost burial place, and the place where those who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the nation now rest?
  9. What Chapel was dedicated to St Faith close to the foundations of the former church and offered parishioners their own place of worship in the building?
  10. What place of the Cathedral would you like to visit and why?

3. Fill in the prepositions or conjunctions.

The books and manuscripts are housed … one of London’s best-preserved 18th century interiors, the cathedral library. The Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s have retained a working library in the present building … 1720. Today it houses approximately 21,500 volumes, including printed books, manuscripts and separate pamphlets. These works accrued … purchase, bequest and donation, largely from 1690 onwards, form a collection still used today … academics, students and researchers of all kinds. Dean and Chapter, Minor Canons, and Cathedral School archives once held in the Library are now … long-term deposit at Guildhall Library.
4. Read and learn the dialogue by heart. Make up your own dialogue.

A: In your opinion, what is the most beautiful cathedral in London?

B: In London? Oh! You know that I like London very much. I can’t choose… OK. Maybe St. Paul’s Cathedral…

A: Why? Just a moment. I’ll try to guess. Because it reminds you of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg? Am I right?

B: Yes, you are quite right. When I look at St. Isaac’s Cathedral I remember London and its sights.

A: So do I. By the way, do you know how long it took to build St. Isaac’s Cathedral?

B: If I’m not mistaken about 40 years from 1818. And as far as I remember, it took 35 years to create St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

A: I’ve read that Sir Christopher Wren supervised its building from across the river, in a house from which he could watch his magnum opus arise. He had a prominent position of the top of Ludgate Hill.

B: Great! It’s interesting to know how when the construction was finished was.

A: About 75 years old. And he died at the age of 91 and was buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral. His tomb is one of the first there.

B: I’ve read that August Montferrand wanted to be buried in his masterpiece St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Before his death he asked Alexander II for permission.

A: And the tear refused his request, didn’t he?

B: Yes, he did. In my opinion it’s terrible.

A: You are right.