London Sights


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1. Watch video (placed below) and describe what you have seen.

2. Answer questions.

1. What cities does London consist of?

2. What are their main characteristics?

3. Can London be named a megalopolis?

4. What are the World Heritage Sites of London?

5. What ancient historical monuments can be found in London?

6. What contemporary sights are the places of tourists’ attraction in London?

3. Fill in the gaps using the words in CAPITALS in the corresponding part of speech.

Tourism in Britain


Every year more than eleven million tourists visit Britain. In

fact, tourism is an __________________ industry,employing thousands of people.





Most __________________ come in the summer months when they can expect good weather.



Tourists __________________ spend a few days in London, then go on to other well-known cities.



Perhaps the least visited places in England are old __________________ towns.



But many people think that nineteenth-century cities show the __________________ of Britain.



The __________________ of the past is to be still seen in their old streets.